Full Aesthetics and Facial treatment list

 Qualia Skin Care Specialists in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


Mini Facial
£30 20 mins

Traditional facial
£35 30 mins

Luxury Facial
£50 60 mins

Prescription facial
Luxury Facial with skin analysis and tailor selected  products £55 60 mins


£40 30 mins plus 5 for after care products

£50 Same as traditional plus mask and soothing gel mask plus after care products 

Hydrating Facials

Qualia hydra-facial
Traditional cleanse, tone, extract, high frequency, mask and moisturise £45 for 45 mins
Luxury as above with electro absorption using skin type relevant products £55 for 60 mins
Luxury as above with Enzyme Peel £65 for 1 hr 10 mins

Qualia Hydralift facial
Traditional as above traditional plus lift £65
Luxury as above plus lift with enzyme peel £75

Qualia Non-surgical Facelift

Qualia non-surgical facelift
Traditional as above £45 for 30 mins
Luxury as above 1 hour for £55 *without enzyme peel*
Qualia Medi Non-surgical facelift
Traditional with enzyme peel  from £65
Luxury as above with enzyme peel £75

Chemical Peels

All peels come with luxury calming mask and medical barrier inclusive. 3 days after care products provided.

*A free, no obligation consultation is advised and preferred for any peel (excluding the enzyme, as this is not as intense). As you may be required to have foundation or intermediate treatments on the lead up to a course of medium peels. This will insure that your skin has built up a sufficient tolerance level for the peels. Call 07854581587 to discuss or book a consultation*

Eve Taylor 

Enzyme Peel with Luxury Facial £45 for 60 mins


Lite refresh superficial peel to lighten £45
Medium mal e – £55 *Warning for almond allergy*
Sal e – £55 *Warning for asprin allergy*
Combination – £75


Enzyme – £55
Glycolic 30% – £65 *Warning for sugar allergy*
Glycolic 60% – £75 *Warning for sugar allergy*
Salycylic – £65 *Warning for asprin allergy*
Lactic – £65 *Warning for milk allergy*
Jessner – £75

MesoPeels (Sept to March only)

Pyruvic – from £80
Azelaci – from £80
Lifting – from £80
Microdermabrasion, Non-surgical facelifts and Hydra-facials can be combined with Chemical peels. This will be classed as a Medi (Choice) Facial and will incur a fee from £35

DermaRoller – Skin-needling 

Collagen Induction Therapy with relevant professional serums.

Dermaroller/Skin needling – £195 plus 5 days after care

Electric Dermapen 

1 area small from £95 plus 5 days after care 
1 area medium from £150 plus 5 days after care 
Full Face from £225 plus 5 days after care 


Classic £250
Targeting cellulite – from £295
Dermapen – £245

IPL – Hair removal

POA a consultation is required. This is free and there is no obligation to book a session.

Semi Permanent Makeup

Consultation is free and no obligation to book. Patch test is available upon booking and having paid redeemable £20 deposit for treatment. All SPMU treatments are to be subject to a patch test.
Eyebrows from £275
Liner top or bottom from £195
Lips from £250
Beauty spot from £75
Full face from £850

Camouflage is from £95 per visit and worked out individually

Treatment packages x5 = 10% off payment upfront


T&Cs guidelines

Microdermabrasion can have one individual paid session, as test and a waiver to sign. Confirming their understanding that only a full course of 6 plus will be effective. Once they have tried the inital treatment, their details will be kept on record and only  a course of 6 is recommended after.

Non surgical lift only course of 10 with 10% off 

IPL to commit to a course of 6 at a time. Consultation is charged but redeemable against the treatment. Course to be paid for upfront once per month and sign to say will stick to t&cs in time

Meso treatments are recommended of a course of 5 at a time with 6th free, again a disclaimer to be signed regarding the effectiveness and on second visit they are strongly advised purchase a course. Consultation fee redeemable against product plus test patch x2 per week

Dermarollers a course the same as Meso x 1 per week

SPMU a second visit is to be arranged for top up and amendment, if not in that time then it is to be full price. Consultation plus test patch redeemable return after 3/4 weeks from visit