Skin Damage

Skin Damage

Skin Damage

Skin Damage – Skin Damage comes from a variety of sources. Contrary to popular belief, the sun or sun beds are not the only source for this. According to the Cancer Research site: “Around 86% of malignant melanomas in the UK are linked to lifestyle” Contributing factors to consider are:
– Smoking,
– Lack of sleep,
– Exercise obsession (Obsession not to be confused with healthy exercise)
– Chronic stress
– Poor diet
One of the absolute essential things that is required to prevent obvious Skin Damage, is to wear and SPF Protector at ALL times. This is not just limited to holidays, sunny days or heated days. This is also required on winter days too. Any time that the sun is out, we are exposed to the suns rays. This combined with any of the above, results in higher risks.
The physical appearance of the skin, along with health risks can also be very prominent, as types of skin damage such as excessive sun exposure can accelerate the ageing process.

Here at Qualia Skin Specialists, we offer a wide range of treatments and home care products that can work at both the surface skin level and as far down to the DNA cellular level to improve and maintain the skin. Some even providing proven effective preventative results.
These treatments include:
– IPL Rejuvenation
– Chemical Peels
– DermalRollering (Skin Needling)
– Advanced Facials
– Advanced ElectroFacials

Plus many more. Feel free to come along to the event tonight and ask for information of what treatments and packages would best suit you.
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