Hair Growth


Hair Growth

Hair Growth – Here at Qualia Skin Specialists, we cater for permanent hair removal. Using a well known IPL Laser to catch the hair follicle at the earliest stages (Anagen) of growth. This prevents the follicle from future growth, along as the client follows all of the after care procedure after treatment.

Due to the fact that the hair follicles and growth rate vary throughout any part of the human body, it takes anything from 10 plus sessions to ensure that all of the hairs have been caught at the anagen stage.
Treatments are to be between four to six weeks to enable the hair cycle to of run its course and more hair follicles to reach the required phase.
A patch test is required for every single client, even clients who have had the treatment before elsewhere. This will take place on the area that you are wishing to have lasered.
You will fill in an extensive consultation form to distinguish skin types, lifestyle factors and any of the other information that is required to deliver a successful treatment.
This treatment has various limitation boundaries. This can be explained to you in great length at your consultation or if you would like to come along to the event and raise a question that will be suffice.
I am an IPL Specialist, having studied IPL via a 12 month course and completed my City and Guild Level 4 IPL qualification. Therefore I can assure you are in very safe hands for this treatment.
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