Dermarollers/Skin needling

Also known as skin needling or CIT, collagen induction therapy. The procedure consists of a designated amount of microneedles create tiny little punctures into the epidermis. This is to allow products and serums to penetrate through epidermis and be soaked in and processed by the dermis

Traditional creams tend to sit ontop of the epidermis and do not make their way to the dermis, therefore do not soak into the body and generate an effective end result. With CIT, DermaRoller this will allow the products to penetrate to as deep as 1.5 on the face (The depth that I, as a Level 4 Aesthetics Practitioner, am trained to go) For a more invasive and intense treatment, take a look at Mesotherapy 

Depth of SkinNeedling at Qualia


A careful selection of relevant, Professional use only products are chosen to compliment your treatment, combined with the collagen induction, working on the specific issues or desired improvement that you wish to work towards on your skin. This could be any of the following ailments:

– Dull Skin

– Dry skin


– Acne Scarring

– Sun damaged skin

– Hyperpigmentation

– Improving stretch marks

– Improves superficial lines and wrinkles

A few examples of the effects that can come from courses of Dermarollering/Skin-needling

How DermaRollers work


As we get older and environmental factors take place, such as pollution, toxins from food, chemicals in products that we use and various other factors contribute towards our skin becoming worn, ageing and problematic in some cases. Naturally, collagen and elastin production starts to slow down, as a result of general aging. CIT is a treatment that can accelerate your collagen production and allow it to mimic a similar speed to what it may have been in your previous years, before your skin developed ailments or suffered from any damage.

As with Mesotherapy, I utilise some of the most effective serums, prescribed to your specific ailments and produce a uniquely tailored treatment.

How much will this cost?

The treatments are individually from £155, dependent on ailments. This will be discussed in the lengthy, no rush consultation. Each treatment will also have specific after care products for the following 48 hours. With discounts on the full sized products available. It is reccomended that you start off with a course of 3, dependent on the severity of potential ailments. After the initial 3 treatments, we will review your progression and discuss further treatments (Only if required)

How long does the treatment take?

This can take anything from 45 mins (if you have a topical anaesthetic applied) through to an hour

What is the down time?

It can be anything from 2 days upwards, this is solely dependent on how your skin heals. Bare in mind that your skin will be subjected to some trauma and therefore it will take a few days for your skin to naturally heal. For the next 48 hours, you are only to wear mineral makeup, or preferably none. It is advisable that you do not book for this treatment if you have an event or special occasion within 48 hours post treatment. I will give you verbal advice and an after care document to take away with you for future reference

* I am not a Doctor, therefore I cannot diagnose your symptoms. I can, however, work with pre-existing, diagnosed conditions and work towards improving and managing your condition. I am qualified and insured to a Level 4 QCF (Higher National Diploma) in beauty therapy and aesthetics treatments. I have covered Anatomy and Physiology to pass my Level 4 qualification. I have also successfully completed various other training modules, specific to aesthetics practice and advanced skin care requirements: Inclusive of 4 Chemical Peels courses, Mesotherapy training, 2 separate skin needling courses and I am licensed and qualified to perform Semi-Permanent Makeup (Level 4 transdermal practitioner.)

As I can appreciate with all of the out-dated, misinformed information and scare monger tactics on the internet, this could be a very daunting decision to make. So I have compiled an in-depth FAQ page to answer some of the questions that may arise. Finally, if you have any queries and would like to have a free, no obligation consultation, plus see my documentation and certificates come along to the salon. I welcome all queries openly. Call 07854581587 to book. QSS*