Acne up to Grade 3 – Acne is a common skin problem in both adults and young people. According to the NHS (1014) around “80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 will be affected by acne.” with some cases “carrying on into adult life”
I, myself are one of the small minority who suffers with adult acne at the tender age of 34.
I can speak from personal experience, as I suffer with one of the higher grades of acne. Having tried numerous medical treatments from both my DR and Dermatologists, I was very unfortunate to have reacted to the most effective and last resort that Dermatologists will use. This has left me in a position where I still have the adult acne, though I manage and maintain my skin with the various treatments that we provide here at Qualia Skin Specialists.
Symptoms and ailments that can be experienced in a break out are:
– Spots
– Blackheads
– Redness
– Small, medium and large boils
– Redness
– Mild or Extreme Inflammation (Edema)
– Seeping


This can effect confidence of appearing in public, physical health, self awareness and many other aspects of the clients life.
Here at Qualia Skin Specialists, we cater for a wide variety to treat and manage the skin of a client who has been diagnosed as an acne sufferer (This will be done by the clients Dr)
It is important that you continue visiting your Dr and continue with the medication that you have been given if any. Any medication will need to be noted and all information provided at the consultation. To ensure that the treatment can go ahead, if it cannot, then do not worry, as we can either find an alternative or give you a definitive time post medication, for when your treatment can commence.
Treatments here at Qualia Skin Specialist for acne include, but are not limited to:
– Advanced Facials
– Advanced ElectroFacials
– Microdermabrasion
– Chemical Peels
– DermalRollers (Recommended for scarring)
– IPL Laser
– Mesotherapy

To find out more information about the treatments available or to arrange a skin analysis, feel free to come along to our grand open evening tonight.
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